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Hospital Universitario Reina Sofia University of Cordoba

The Department of Internal Medicine (, Reina Sofia Hospital ( ) at Cordoba, Spain) is involved in Lipgene as a partner in the Human Nutrition component of the Lipgene project. Dr. Lopez-Miranda (, leads the Gene-Diet interaction research group.
Lipid and Atherosclerosis Unit:

  • Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Lipid and Nutritional Clinic
  • Metabolic Unit
  • Cell Biology Laboratory
  • 5 staff physicians and 8 Residents of Internal Medicine
  • 3 Post-Doc
  • 7 PhD students

Research Themes

  • Gene-diet interaction
  • Postprandial lipoprotein metabolism
    • Effect of gene polymorphisms on postprandial response
    • Effect of dietary fat composition
  • Mediterranean diet and lipoprotein metabolism
  • Mediterranean diet, insulin resistance and glucose metabolism
  • Mediterranean diet, endothelial function, fibrinolysis and coagulation.

On-Going Research Projects:

  • The effect of Mediterranean diet enriched in n-3 fatty acids on the endothelial dysfunction associated to aging in elderly people.
  • To determine in normal subjects the effect of a Mediterranean diet on postprandial lipemia and endothelial function as compared to a low fat diet enriched in linolenic acid and to a saturated fat rich diet.
  • The effect of polyphenols on endothelial function and postprandial metabolism.
  • The effect of an olive oil enriched Mediterranean diet on atherogenic characteristic of low density lipoproteins (LDL)
    • LDL affinity for ApoB receptor, oxidized-LDL uptake by macrophage, LDL size, LDL susceptibility to oxidation.
    • The effect in vitro of olive oil polyphenols on LDL affinity for ApoB receptor in fibroblast and on LDL expression in hepatocytes.
  • Effect of promoter apo E and apo A-V gene polymorphisms on postprandial lipoprotein metabolism and LDL response to diet.
    • In vitro apo E and apo A-V expression by transfection studies: response to fatty acids.

Degree Programmes

  • MD (Medical Doctor)
  • PhD (Atherosclerosis and Human Nutrition)

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