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University College Dublin (UCD School of Agriculture, Food Science & Veterinary Medicine) is involved in Lipgene as both the coordinator, through the Institute of Food and Health (IFH,, and as a partner and workpackage leader in the Human Nutrition component of the research programme, through the Nutrigenomics Research Group in the Conway Institute, ( The IFH will also, to some extent, be involved in the social and economic work packages of the Lipgene research programme.

The joint Directors of Lipgene are Professor Mike Gibney ( and Professor Helen Roche ( The administrative officer is Ms Jo Gibney ( ) and the Scientific Coordinator is Dr Anne Nugent (

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Research Themes

Nutrition research at University College Dublin falls in the most part between the School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine, School of Public Health and Population Science and the Nutrigenomics Research Group in the Conway Institute.  Collectively these groups form the Institute of Food and Health ( along with the School of Law (, the Geary Institute ( the School of Medicine and Medical Sciences ( and the School of Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences (

There are currently several aspects of Human Nutrition research in UCD including, nutrigenetics, metabolomics, food consumption surveys and database analysis, sensory genetics, food risk perception, consumer nutrition and dietary interventions of novel food products.

  • The Nutrigenomics Research Group, led by Professor Helen Roche, is based in the Conway Institute. State-of-the-art genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic technologies are being used to address key research questions including; the effect of genetic background on nutrient status, responsiveness to nutritional therapy and/or diet-related disease progression and nutrient regulation of gene expression, in particular the effects of dietary fatty acids on the expression of the genes involved in metabolic health (metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and inflammation).
  • Metabolomics: UCD operates the only metabolomics research programme in Ireland and is one of only four research groups carrying out such work in the field of Nutrition.
  • The nutrition data-base analysis group focuses on the collection and analysis of food consumption databases for use in both public health nutrition ( and in probabilistic estimates of exposure to food chemicals ( and
  • The Sensory Genetics team is currently examining the effect of genotype on fruit and vegetable intake in children, determining the influence of genetics on food choice
  • Researchers at the School of Public Health and Population Science and the Geary Institute are examining the relationship between perception of risk and behaviour in terms of food choice and nutritional status.
  • Food Scientists within the School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine are at the forefront of novel food production and work closely with nutritionists to demonstrate efficacy of such novel products using cell studies and human intervention trials.
  • The School of Public health and Population Sciences also hosts the National Nutrition Surveillance Centre (
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Degree Programmes


Prof. Mike Gibney ( )

Prof. Helen Roche

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