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Uppsala University

The Unit for Clinical Nutrition Research, Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden, is involved in the Lipgene project as a partner in the work package 1.2: Human Nutrition.

Scientific program

The research program at the Unit for Clinical Nutrition Research investigates the role of diet for human health and disease. The main research programs concern development and treatment of disorders caused by atherosclerosis and related disorders of fat and glucose metabolism in the body, e.g. lipoprotein disorders, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and obesity.
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The Lipgene project can be viewed as a part of a major research project aiming at evaluating the importance of dietary fat quality on human metabolism and development of diseases. This has included, and includes, a number of controlled dietary intervention studies and epidemiological investigations in healthy subjects as well as in populations with metabolic disorders. Other major research areas concern the role of lipid oxidation, oxidative stress and inflammation in development of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and glucose metabolism disorders including the importance of dietary antioxidants and the antioxidant defence systems in the body.

Other areas of interest include the importance of carbohydrate rich foods for development, and treatment of, disorders connected with the metabolic syndrome as well as development of non-pharmacological strategies for prevention and treatment of obesity, the metabolic syndrome and related diseases.

The unit for clinical nutrition research includes a research kitchen with facilities for controlled dietary intervention studies and a research lab equipped for and directed towards studies of glucose and lipid metabolism, antioxidants, inflammation and oxidative stress.
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Senior staff members

Bengt Vessby, MD, PhD, Professor of Clinical Nutrition Research and Head of the Unit for Clinical Nutrition Research at Uppsala University. (

Brita Karlstrom, PhD, Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer. Prof. Karlstrom  has vast experience of performing controlled dietary intervention studies with specific research interests in carbohydrate rich foods and dietary treatment of diabetes. (brita. )

Samar Basu, PhD, Associate Professor and Senior Researcher with front line expertise in oxidative stress, prostaglandin metabolism and inflammation. ( )

Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences
Unit for Clinical Nutrition Research
PO Box 609
SE 751 25 Uppsala

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