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Past Events

Nottingham, July 2008
Nutrition Society Satellite Meeting
Lipgene – the impact of a multidisciplinary project aiming to reduce the burden of the metabolic syndrome

The penultimate Lipgene workshop took the form of a two-hour satellite meeting at the Nutrition Societies Summer Conference on 30th June, Nottingham, UK. As this five-year project nears completion, this meeting focused upon an assessment of the project to date and the impact of Lipgene as a whole on our understanding of the role of dietary fat composition in the development and treatment of the metabolic syndrome.
The speakers heard five presentations about different aspects of the project. These, along with the programme for the event, can be downloaded below.

Welcome and Introduction to Lipgene
Professor Mike Gibney, University College Dublin

Opportunities to reduce intake of saturated fatty acids and the predicted effects on chronic disease outcome
Professor Ian Givens, University of Reading

Current intakes of long chain n-3 fatty acids and opportunities to increase them
Rachael Gibbs, University of Reading

Modelling impact of increased n-3 fatty acid intake on chronic disease outcome
Dr. Caroline Rymer, University of Reading

Consumer acceptance of functional foods
Dr. Barbara Stewart-Knox, University of Ulster 

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Past Events