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Findings from the Lipgene Project:
Consumer Science Workpackage

The Consumer Science workpackage is in the process of reporting its initial findings. The main objectives of this workpackage include:

  • To undertake a qualitative study to define and explore consumer and stakeholder perceptions, knowledge and information requirements in regard to diet, agro-food and the metabolic syndrome.
  • To use this information gathered from the study, design a questionnaire for use in a subsequent survey of European consumers.
  • To use the questionnaire as part of a quantitative study of consumer attitudes to: diet; potential agro-food technologies (including genetic modification); the metabolic syndrome; and genetic testing amongst a geographically representative sample of European state.
  • To consider the relationship between metabolic syndrome and psychological style.

Two workshops have taken place in Lisbon and London to disseminate the information generated from this research across the EU. Discussions from the workshops and findings from this workpackage have been used as the basis of a number of articles, copies of which are being posted below.

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Findings from the Lipgene Project