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Research Programme:
Dissemination & Demonstration

Lipgene Outreach programmes

A critically important component of Lipgene is an outreach programme to key stake-holders and opinion formers to raise awareness of the scope of the problem and to disseminate information about the Lipgene programme and its findings.
Stakeholders include farming organisations, consumer groups, the European Institutions (Council, Parliament and Commission), the European Food Safety Authority, the media, economists, the food industry, the nutrition and health community and so on.

Central features of the outreach programme will include conferences, workshops and associate proceedings. Further details of this programme are available on the site.

A full list of publications to date is available on our publications page.

A Demonstration project

A key component of Lipgene will be a demonstration project which will combine the knowledge obtained from the activities in nutrition, agro-food technology and consumer understanding to show how technologically modified fats can be included in foods, and routes by which the benefits of these modifications can be communicated to consumers.

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