Internal Competitions

The internal competitions hosted by the L&H offer members a chance to get involved and get a taste of debating without leaving the college campus, as well as gaining invaluable experience before competing at inter-varsity level. There are four internal competitions held across the academic year, some devoted specifically to those new to debating and others open to all experience levels.

The James Joyce Maidens, held in September each year, and the Maidens Mace, held each February, offer opportunities for novice speakers to try debating for the first time at university level. Both competitions begin with workshops and mock debates run by more experienced speakers, so speakers need not worry about knowing nothing, as it will all be explained, and it's the same for everyone!

The Newman Shield is a proud tradition of the L&H, dating back a number of years. This allows all speakers in UCD to compete, giving a great chance for further practice, as well as a competitive element which encourages friendly rivalry!

Finally, this year will see the return of the McGilligan Shield, a tradition of the society dating back to the 1980s. This is a once off debate, pitting a team from the L&H against one from each of the Lawsoc, C&E and Historical Societies, in order to determine the greatest society of them all!

Internal competitions offer a great opportunity for new speakers to try out debating, without disrupting their college life, as well as a great way to improve speaking standard in tandem with taking part in national competitions.