Novice IV

The Literary & Historical Society are delighted to announce that the UCD Novice Inter-Varsity will be returning this year. It is the only Irish competition in British-parliamentary format dedicated exclusively to 'Maiden' speakers, and we'd love to have you!

The Novice IV is a one day Inter-Varsity competition which will be held the day before the main, Vice Presidents' Cup IV. As the first Irish Competition of the season, and the only Novice competition, it is an excellent introduction for new speakers - debating for the first time can be scary to say the least, and in this environment you can be reassured to know everyone's in the same situation.

This competition is open to all speakers in their first year of university debating and offers a fantastic opportunity to gain experience speaking against others of a similar standard before competing against more experienced debaters at the larger competition the next day. Speeches will be five minutes in length, and there will be a focus on improvement and adjudication feedback, allowing speakers to increase their confidence and experience, while in the company of their peers.

It is a thoroughly enjoyable day, with four rounds of debating followed by a final, and social in the evening, with dinner and drinks provided.