Schools' Debating

The Literary & Historical Society recognises that many of the successes the society has had can be traced to the experiences and involvement of its members at schools levels. It is important to the society that this involvement be encouraged wherever possible, through the availability of resources to encourage debating in school, and through tournaments for schools level speakers.

As a result, this website offers a selection of resources to schools - offering guidelines as to 'How to Debate' for speakers beginning debating, and more advanced materials for those with greater experience, for example those who began at Junior Cycle and now have entered Senior Cycle.

We hope that the resources available on this website are helpful to debaters and teachers alike, and appreciate any feedback as to how you have found these, or what you would like to see more of. (simply contact Alex at

The L&H currently organises three schools' debating competitions - information on each of these can be found in the Competitions tab of the Schools section. More specifics as to the details of each competition will follow nearer the time, with registration for each competition possible through the forms on this website.