International Competition for Young Debaters

The International Competition for Young Debaters (ICYD) is a competition held annually for Junior Cycle (1st-3rd year)school students, in order to introduce them to debating at a young age. It follows a similar format to the International Schools’ Mace, with five rounds of debating taking place over the course of a weekend, encouraging participants to develop their oratorical skills and their ability to form arguments in a fun and relaxed environment. Details as to the dates of this year's competition will be available soon.

This year, the L&H will be providing resources, to be found in the Resources tab of the Schools section of this website. This will include resources for more advanced speakers, as well as helpful advise for new speakers, to be found in the "Introduction to Debating" section, or by clicking here.

As well as this, prior to the debates beginning on the Friday afternoon of the competition, there will be a demonstration debate (by experienced college speakers), to show participants the format of a debate, how to structure arguments, and other basic techniques. This will be followed by a workshop given by some of UCD's most experienced and successful debaters, teaching students the basics of argumentation, with plenty of time for questions afterwards.

This competition offers an added bonus- with winners of the L&H competition going on to represent Ireland at the International Final, which will be held in Oxford University in May (2012)- an honour to speakers of any level.

Entry will be possible through a form on this website, with details to follow nearer the time.