Strauss Ball

The Strauss Ball 2011

The Literary & Historical Society is proud to invite you to its annual Strauss Ball, to be held in early November this year.

As the only white-tie ball in University College Dublin, it offers a unique opportunity to dress up and embrace tradition, with a modern twist.

The Strauss Ball is one of the most enjoyable events in the UCD calendar, with a variety of traditions ensuring the evening offers something unique compared to rival events. As a non-faculty society, the event is attended by students with varied interests and academic pursuits. Guests include those involved in the L&H as well as other societies, former members, and enrolled members from across the University, guaranteeing a fantastic mix of people on the night.

Upon arrival, guests will be presented with a rose and a dance card, used to make note of their partners for the ten waltzes, a tradition of the evening. They will then proceed to a champagne reception prior to the commencement of the meal - a four course dinner with menu selected by two dedicated convenors. There will be musical accompaniment provided by a string quartet playing during the meal, after which follows the time-honoured tradition of the ten waltzes. After the formal part of the evening a live band will take the stage, followed by a DJ, and dancing until late in the night.

The quality and attention to detail of the Strauss Ball is unrivalled- with two dedicated committee members working to ensure the best quality and best atmosphere for guests, it promises to be the highlight of the Society's social calendar, and one not to be missed!


This Year's Strauss Ball Will Take Place 29th November in the Burlington Hotel

For tickets and further information, email

Box 33, Student Consultative Forum, Student Centre, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4.