Ilaria Coscia

School of Biology & Environmental Science
Science Centre West
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
Ph: +353.1.716.2262

PhD title:
Molecular genetic approaches to the study of the evolutionary trajectories of high-profile fish species in Irish waters.

Supervisor: Stefano Mariani


Coscia I., Rountree V., King J.J., Roche W.K. and Mariani S.
Genetic analysis unveils complex patterns of hybridisation and introgression in endangered shad species (Alosa spp) in Irish waters (in prep.)

Craig G., Paynter D., Coscia I., Mariani S. (2008). “Settlement of Gilt head Sea Bream (Sparus aurata L.) in a southern Irish sea coastal habitat”. Journal of Fish Biology 72: 287-291.

Conte F., Coscia I., Piyapattanakorn S., Pannacciulli F.G. (2004). “Morphological and genetic tools for investigating the effects of heavy metal pollution on Balanus amphitrite”, Biologia Marina Mediterranea 11(3): 90.


Coscia I., Mariani S. (2008).  “Stirring, but not mixing: a new look at Atlantic sea bass”. WFC World Fisheries Conference, Yokohama – Japan, 20-24/10/2008.

Coscia I., Mariani S. (2008). “Resolving subtle structure in Atlantic sea bass: a perspective shift”. Causes and Consequences of Intra-specific Diversityin Marine Fishes, Sète – France, 4–5/07/2008.

Coscia I., Peijnenburg K.T.C.A., Pawson M., Mariani S. (2007). “Genetic stock structure of Atlantic sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and Gilt-head sea bream (Sparus aurata) around the British Isles”. ICES Annual Science Conference, Helsinki - Finland, 17-21/09/2007.


Workshop on Molecular Evolution, Marine Biological Lab, Woods Hole – MA, 27th Jul – 8th Aug 2008.

GIS Course, Urban Institute Ireland. Dublin, 28th Jan 2008.

Design and Analysis of Ecological Experiments, by AJ Underwood and MG Chapman from the University of Sidney.  University College Dublin, 26th – 6th Oct 2005.