Principal Investigator

Tasman Crowe

Marine Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Management

Stefano Mariani (University of Salford)

Population genetics, evolution and management

Research assistants
Jen Coughlan
Carlotta Sacchi

Dr. Devin Lyons


Mentor:Tasman Crowe


Paul Brooks

Impacts of multiple stressors on intertidal ecosystems

Supervisor:Tasman Crowe

Caroline Kerrigan

Impacts of multiple stressors on intertidal ecosystems

Supervisor: Tasman Crowe

Chloe Kinsella

Impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems

Supervisor:Tasman Crowe

Sergio Mascolino

Effect of Anthropogenic disturbance on sexual selection processes of Mediterranean damselfish

(Chromis chromis)

Supervisor: Stefano Mariani

Ciara Murphy

Biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships in sedimentary ecosystems: the role of microbial diversity

Primary Supervisor: Dr Nick Clipson Co-supervisor: Tasman Crowe

Debbi Pedreschi

Ecology and population genetics of pikes in Ireland

Supervisor: Stefano Mariani

Silvia Saloni

Biodiversity - ecosystem functioning relationships in a changing environment

Supervisor: Tasman Crowe


Debora Borges( University of Southampton)

Impacts of limpet harvesting on intertidal communities o

Primary supervisor: Dr Patrick Doncaster Co-supervisor: Tasman Crowe

Tone Noklegaard ( Environmental Protection Agency)

Links between coastal nutrients and blooms of phytoplankton and macroalgae

Primary Supervisor: Tasman Crowe Co-supervisor: Dr Shane O'Boyle

Marion Twomey ( University College Cork)

Impacts of biodiversity change on a marine food web

Primary supervisor: Prof Mark Emmerson Co-supervisor: Tasman Crowe

Recent members
Dr. Javier Atalah Judith Kochmann
Dr. David Balata
Dr. Tony Knights
Dr.Chiara Benvenuto Dr.Craig Longmore
Dr. Mark Browne

Dr.Dana Miller

Dr. Myriam Callier

Olwyen Mulholland

Dr. Julien Chopelet

Dr. Sophie Nicol

Dr. Ilaria Coscia
Dr. Mathieu Cusson

Dr. Edward Farrell

Dr. Eoin O'Gorman
Dr. Louise Firth
Dr.Jayne Fitch
Dr. Katja Peijnenberg
Dr.Dannielle Green
Dr. Claire Golléty Dr. Matina Tsalavouta