Stefano Mariani

School of Biology & Environmental Science
Science Centre West
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
Tel.: +353.1.716.2347

I am interested in the ecology, population genetics, evolution and management of primarily coastal marine animals. My research group works on topics spanning from the spatial and temporal population structure in teleosts and elasmobranchs to the conservation genetics of marine, freshwater and terrestrial species. Main current research areas include the genetics of sex-changing fish, the application of interdisciplinary approaches to stock identification, population connectivity in deep sea habitats, the role of hybridization in evolutionary and conservation biology, and the interrelationships between human societies and the exploitation of marine resources.



Deep Sea genetics
Fish sex change
Otolith Microchemistry
Smooth-hound Biology
Sea Bass
Striped Seabream
Seafood Ireland
Howth market
Brown Trout


Some Selected Publications

(past and present lab members are underlined)

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Miller D.M. & Mariani S. (2010): “Smoke, mirrors and mislabelled cod: poor transparency in European seafood industry operation”. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, in press.

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