MathSoc UCD - Past Events

Intervarsity Competition

This year's Intervarsity Competition took place on the weekend of the 28th to 29th of March at Trinity College Dublin. Congratulations to our intervarsities team for coming second and to Ivan Lobaskin for winning both best first year and second best individual score.

"Getting Computers to make sense of Climate Chaos" with Dr. Conor Sweeney

Our third guest lecture this semester was about climate change and held by Dr. Conor Sweeney.

Mathemagic with cards

Visiting lecturer Professor Mulcahy gave a talk/show illustrating the uses of maths in constructing and performing some great card tricks.

IMSA Conference

This year's IMSA (Irish Mathematical Student Association) conference took place at University College Cork on the last weekend of February. The attendees could listen to an interesting variety of different talks presented by maths lecturers from around the country, meet up with students from other colleges, have lots of fun, and finally compete in or watch the national undergraduate student competition to find the best student in the country presenting a mathematical topic.

"Harmonic Functions Everywhere" with Dr. Stephen Gardiner

Our second guest lecture this semester was about harmonic functions and held by Dr. Stephen Gardiner.

Undergraduate Lecture Competition

As every year, we had an undergraduate lecture competition to find the best student presenting a topic of his/her choice to send on to the national undergraduate lecture competition at the annual IMSA conference. We had a nice selection of interesting topics presented and the winner representing UCD at this year's IMSA conference was Sam Weiss.

Inter-Society Charity Quiz

We teamed up with Physics Society and Netsoc for a charity table quiz. It was a great opportunity to mix with other societies and have fun for a good cause.

Movie Night "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

We screened the movie "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

Design Award Pizza Night

We launched a competition to find the best new logo/design for this year's MathSoc hoodies. The winner was announced at a pizza night. The lucky person (getting 100 € for his hard work) was James Greer with the following design: Design.

Documentary "Dangerous Knowledge"

We screened the documentary "Dangerous Knowledge" about the four mathematicians Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Gödel and Alan Turing.

Movie Night "Moneyball"

We watched the movie "Moneyball" starring Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Wright.

"Quaternions and Space-Time Block Codes" with Dr. Thomas Unger

Our first guest lecture of this semester was titled "Quaternions and Space-Time Block Codes" and held by Dr Thomas Unger.

Cryptography Challenge

Until 11.59pm, 31/12/14
Following Prof. McGuire's talk on cryptography, we have issued a decrypting challenge to everyone present (or indeed everyone interested!). You can download this challenge here: decrypting challenge.

Cryptography Seminar with Prof. Gary McGuire

Prof. McGuire gave an overview of the most important cryptosystems of the past and present.
Following his talk, we have issued a decrypting challenge to everyone present (or indeed everyone interested!). You can download this challenge here: decrypting challenge. You have until the 31/12/2014 to send us your solution to win a secret, but promised to be amazing, prize!
Click here to see the poster for the talk.

Movie Night "21"

We watched the great movie "21" starring Kevin Spacey and Jim Sturgess.

"The Nonnegative Inverse Eigenvalue Problem" with Dr. Anthony Cronin

Dr. Anthony Cronin gave a talk next week entitled "The nonnegative inverse eigenvalue problem."

Halloween Ball

This year's Halloween Ball was on Wednesday the 29th November at Kiely's of Mount Merrion. Like every year it was a fun night of costumes and masks with offers at the bar.

Comedian Matt Park

In association with MathsWeek Ireland, MathSoc hosted an event with mathematician / stand up comedian Matt Parker on Hamilton Day.

Travelling Salesman Scavenger Hunt

06-08/10/2014, 15/10/2014
Teams of up to 6 people were formed to solve some tricky mathematical problem and riddles. The answers led to places/persons/objects around UCD. The prize for the winning team consisted of a great popular maths book for each team member.
You can view the problems for the three days here:
Travelling Salesman Problem Sheet 1
Travelling Salesman Problem Sheet 2
Travelling Salesman Problem Sheet 3
To celebrate the winners, we hosted a pizza night shortly after the scavenger hunt.

Pizza night

To start the year, Mathsoc had an informal gathering with some pizza, drinks and lots of craic.
Click here to see the poster