The School of Mathematics and Statistics runs a series of extra-curricular mathematics workshops for senior cycle post-primary students. Designed and delivered by students and staff in the UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics, the series of Maths Sparks problem solving workshops aims to bring the wonder of mathematics to life through interactive and engaging activities, and talks from mathematics graduates and professors. Workshops are held one evening per week over a number of weeks and resources are made available for teachers or other institutions to use


This booklet might be a useful resource for teachers running Maths Clubs in their school or or those teaching extra-curricular content, such as to Transition Year students. Each workshop in this booklet includes a lesson plan and resources which can be used in your classroom. University groups may also like to utilise this resource in running 'Maths Sparks' workshops in their institution.

Academic Papers

Maths sparks: developing community and widening participation

Maths sparks: investigating the impact of outreach on pupil’s attitudes towards mathematics


Math Sparks is Funded by SFI

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