Dr Conor Sweeney has been appointed as one of the leading investigators of the  Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme.

The Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme (ESIPP) was announced by the Minister for Skills, Research and Innovation, Mr Damien English TD on 24th November.  The new Partnership is a collaborative multidisciplinary project aimed at finding and exploiting synergies across the system in order to develop a cost effective energy system with less impact on the environment. 

Dr Conor Sweeney has been awarded a place as one of the leading investigators on ESIPP. He will be working together with a team of primary experts in the area. It is expected that there will be an opportunity for two PhDs and a post-doc to join the research team.

Details on the announced partnership can be found at www.sfi.ie/news-resources/press-releases/energy-system-integration-research-in-ireland.html