Associate Professor Miguel D Bustamante (UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics) has been selected as the chairman of the session on Surface Gravity Waves at the upcoming American Physical Society/Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting (20-22 November 2016, Portland, USA;
Assoc. Prof Bustamante will present the first paper of that session, on his recent theory of precession resonance: an efficient energy-transfer mechanism in nonlinear systems, with applications to rogue waves and energy harvesting in free-surface water waves. His work is financially supported by Science Foundation Ireland under research grant no. 12/IP/1491, and entails key teamwork with experimental and computational experts from UK and USA.

For more information, see Prof Bustamante’s seminal work on precession resonance in turbulent systems published in Phys. Rev. Lett.113, 084502 (2014), and his recent preprint on water-wave applications at the link