Undergraduate Research Projects 2016 (posted: 1/03/16)

The School of Mathematics and Statistics will be offering a number of individual summer research placements in 2016. A stipend of approximately 600 Euro will be paid per student, with an enhanced stipend for a number of non-local students.

However, transport costs to UCD cannot be paid. The programme is aimed specifically at penultimate-year undergraduate students, although students in other years may be admitted in exceptional circumstances. The programme is not restricted to UCD students.

The deadline for applications is Friday 25th March 2016 at 18:00. Where a mismatch occurs between the number of offers and the demand for projects, candidates will be ranked according to a weighted average of GPA and other factors (e.g. quality of CV, suitability of candidate to a particular project). Successful candidates will be notified at the beginning of April. It is envisaged that the projects will last 6 weeks, starting in June.

Visit Undergraduate Research Projects 2016 for application forms and further information.