Ideals of homogeneous polynomials from a historical viewpoint

Speaker: G. Botelho (Uberlândia, Brazil and Valencia, Span)

Time: 11:00AM
Date: Tue 4th September 2007

Location: ENG226

The main aim of this talk is to give an overview, from a historical viewpoint, of the study of ideals of homogeneous polynomials between Banach spaces. We start by describing, on the one hand, the beginnings of infinite-dimensional analytic function theory at the turn of the 20th century; and, on the other hand, the emergence of functional analysis in the 1920´s and 30´s. Our idea is to present the theory of polynomial ideals as a natural and unifying evolution, initiated in the 1980´s, of developments which these two theories had undergone over the period 1950-70.

(This talk is part of the IMS September Meeting 2007 series.)