The Ubiquity of Elliptic Curves

Speaker: J. H. Silverman (Brown)

Time: 7:30PM
Date: Tue 4th September 2007

Location: (See abstract)

Elliptic curves are amazing mathematical objects whose frequent appearances in mathematics and physics range from cryptography to string theory to Fermat's Last Theorem. In this talk Professor Silverman will give an elementary introduction to elliptic curves and will give an intuitive non-technical description of their applications.

Joseph H. Silverman is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Brown University, USA. He has written many books and research papers on number theory and cryptography. Two of his books on elliptic curves won the AMS Steele prize for mathematical exposition (1998). He is a cofounder of NTRU Cryptosystems Inc, a former Sloan Fellow, a former Guggenheim Fellow, and has been an Invited Lecturer on many occasions.

Maps of UCD are available at This lecture will take place in Lecture Theatre C004 in the Health Sciences Centre, Building 16 on the map.

(This talk is part of the General Interest series.)