Digital Nets, Point Sets and Sequences

Speaker: Gottlieb Pirsic (Radon Institute, Austria)

Time: 4:00PM

Date: Mon 18th February 2008

Location: Mathematical Sciences Seminar Room

Digital point sets, i.e., point sets in some way derived from digit expansions, are one of the main tools used in quasi-Monte Carlo methods, e.g., for multivariate integration and optimization. However,apart from the aspect of applicability, they are also of interest as an object of basic sciences. The talk will give an introduction in the subject, first focussing on the number theoretical motivation and background, then introducing some of the most widely used and investigated examples and finally mention some of the techniques used in the investigation of digital nets. Connections to combinatorics, coding theory, algebraic function fields (and, perhaps, Sudoku puzzles) will be briefly pointed out.

(This talk is part of the Algebra/Claude Shannon Institute series.)