The mathematical conceptions of future teachers in Ireland

Speaker: C. Paolucci (Columbia)

Time: 3:00PM

Date: Tue 22nd April 2008

Location: Mathematical Sciences Seminar Room

This talk will present the results of a study which surveyed 210 Postgraduate Diploma in Education students, from five universities in Ireland. The survey was conducted to construct a profile of these prospective teachers’ conceptions about the nature of mathematics. Previous research has established strong links between mathematics teachers’ conceptions of the nature of mathematics and their classroom practice. As education officials in Ireland focus on reforming mathematics education at the Leaving Certificate level, it is essential to consider the conceptions of those who will potentially enter the field as second-level mathematics teachers. In a discussion of the results, I will address these conceptions, along with their implications for the preparation of second-level mathematics teachers in Ireland.

(This talk is part of the Analysis series.)