Information transfer and self-organisation in animal social networks

Speaker: Andrew Jackson (TCD)

Time: 3:00PM
Date: Thu 1st December 2011

Location: Statistics Seminar Room- L550 Library building

Many animals live in groups. These are often highly dynamic systems, where interactions among individuals creates a social environment which the individuals must negotiate using appropriate behaviours. This creates a feedback mechanism whereby individuals' behaviours define and create the social entity, which then impacts on how well they do in any given context. Many such social groups give rise to cooperation and altruism despite evolution benefitting selfish individuals. Understanding these systems is challenging, with both individual-level and group-level processes often highly correlated and intertwined. I will introduce some examples from both real and simulated systems, and discuss where the field might benefit from more detailed statistical models.

(This talk is part of the Statistics and Actuarial Science series.)