The Eta model dynamical core, and an ECMWF driven 32-day Eta ensemble: Can a nested model improve forecasts on large scale

Speaker: Prof Fedor Mesinger, University of Maryland

Time: 2:15PM
Date: Thu 14th April 2011

Location: Mathematical Sciences Seminar Room

The Eta numerical weather prediction model will be described. The main features of the model dynamical core are reviewed, emphasizing upgrades to the version downloadable at the NCEP "Workstation Eta" site. These upgrades include implementation of "sloping steps" topography, and replacement of the centered finite-difference vertical advection of dynamic variables by a finite-volume scheme. This makes the Eta model very nearly a finite volume model, due to its quasi-horizontal coordinate surfaces and use of the Arakawa flux-type schemes conserving a variety of physically important quantities.

(This talk is part of the Meteorology series.)