Calculating Non-adiabatic Pressure Perturbations during Multi-field Inflation

Speaker:Ian Huston (Queen Mary, University of London)

Time: 12:30PM

Date: Tue 17th April 2012

Location: CASL Seminar Room - Belfield Office Park

Non-adiabatic pressure perturbations naturally occur in models of inflation consisting of more than one scalar field. The amount of non-adiabatic pressure present at the end of inflation can have observational consequences through the generation of vorticity and subsequently the sourcing of B-mode polarisation. In this talk I will give an overview of adiabatic and non-adiabatic inflationary models and describe our recent calculation of the spectrum of isocurvature perturbations generated at the end of inflation for different inflationary models which have two scalar fields.

(This talk is part of the Applied and Computational Mathematics series.)