Stars as cosmological tools: from dark matter to modified gravity

Speaker: Jordi Casanellas (Lisboa)

Time: 4.00 PM

Date: Wednesday November 14th 2012

Location: Mathematics Seminar Room, 1.01 Ag (First Floor, Agriculture Building, UCD Belfield)


The present accuracy in the modelling and observations of the Sun and other stars allows us to use them as laboratories of physics. In this talk I will first discuss how the capture of dark matter particles by low-mass stars influences the stellar properties, focusing on two strategies to detect these effects: the analysis of the stellar oscillations and the changes in the global appearance of a whole stellar cluster. A region of the DM parameter space was excluded using an asteroseismic analysis of Alpha Cen B. To conclude, I will show how a similar approach was successfully applied to put constraints on alternative theories of gravity, using the solar neutrinos and helioseismic data.

Series: Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar