Ramanujan's identities for the sixth order mock theta functions

Speaker:Jeremy Lovejoy (CNRS, Paris 7)

Time: 4.00 PM

Date: Thursday October 18th 2012

Location: Mathematics Seminar Room, Room AG 1.01, First Floor, Agriculture Building, UCD Belfield


In his lost notebook Ramanujan recorded six functions (now known as the "sixth order mock theta functions") and some identities involving them. These identities were first proven around 20 years ago by Andrews and Hickerson using the constant term method. Today they could also be proven using the theory of mock modular forms. It turns out, however, that some of them follow from very elementary q-series transformations, and this is almost surely what Ramanujan had in mind. We will present these q-series proofs.

Series: K Theory, Quadratic Form and Number Theory Seminar Series