Torsion Galois modules and Stickelberger's theorem

Speaker:Luca Caputo (Limoges)

Time: 4.00 PM

Date: Thursday November 22nd 2012

Location: Mathematics Seminar Room, Room AG 1.01, First Floor, Agriculture Building, UCD Belfield


Let G be a finite group and let N/E be a G-Galois tamely ramified extension of number fields. We show how Stickelberger's factorization of Gauss sums implies the stable freeness of various arithmetic Z[G]-modules attached to N/E. More precisely, if O_N denotes the ring of integers of N, we prove that the tensor of O_N with itself over O_E has trivial class in the class group Cl(Z[G]). If N/E is also assumed to be locally abelian, the technique we employ also shows that the inverse different of N/E and its square root (when it exists) define the same class as O_N. This is joint work with S. Vinatier.

Series: K Theory, Quadratic Form and Number Theory Seminar Series