Cohomological and quadratic form invariants of involutions on central simple algebras

Speaker: Professor Jean-Pierre Tignol (UCL)

Time: 4.00 PM

Date: Thursday April 4th 2013

Location: Seminar Room, Ag. 1.01


By viewing orthogonal involutions as twisted analogues of quadratic forms up to a scalar factor, one can extend the classical discriminant and Clifford algebra constructions to define invariants of orthogonal involutions on central simple algebras. This talk will survey the invariants that have been defined on the same model for the other types of involutions. From the orthogonal case to the unitary case to the symplectic case, the degree of the invariants increases but their properties are similar. The approach in the symplectic case is based on joint work with Becher and Grenier-Boley.

Series: K Theory, Quadratic Form and Number Theory Seminar Series