UCD Wave Group Seminar

Time: 2.00 PM

Date: Friday  October 26th 2012

Location: Merrion Seminar Room (ground floor, Block 9-10 Nexus UCD, Belfield Office Park)

I) Speaker: Edel O'Connor (DCU)

Title:  "Multi-Modal Sensor Networks for More Effective Sensing in Irish Coastal and Freshwater Environments"


Despite the numerous benefits associated with the use of in-situ sensor networks there are also a number of challenges such as sensor fouling, data reliability, power, sensor failure, maintenance of sensors in remote locations, cost, communication, lack of redundancy etc. In our research we seek to develop innovative solutions to increase the effectiveness of sensors and create smart environmental monitoring networks. Using national test and demonstration platforms such as SmartBay and other projects such as Deploy we seek to develop innovative methodologies into improving the efficiency of such networks and increasing knowledge generation. For example as part of the Deploy project we deployed two networked cameras in order to extract events and provide a form of redundancy in the network. In SmartBay we investigated how satellite remote sensing data could be used as part of an operational multi-modal sensor network to complement and enhance the use of the in-situ sensors. We also developed models for providing a form of redundancy in the network in the case of sensor failure. In this talk an overview of our work is presented in relation to the development of multi-modal sensor networks incorporating visual sensors and modelled outputs and the incorporation of such technology to increase the efficiency of networks such as those deployed as part of infrastructure such as Deploy and SmartBay.

II) Speaker:  Denys Dutykh (UCD)

Title: "Some critical comments on the landslide modelling"


 In this talk we will critically review some existing practices in the modelling of underwater landslides. In the second part we will propose a simple, but more realistic approach based on the first principles of the classical mechanics. Some disregarded effects due to the bottom curvature will be also introduced. We will conclude the presentation by showing some simulations of landslide trajectories over complex bathymetries.

Series: Wave Group Seminar Series