UCD Algebra & Number Theory Seminars 2013/2014

Semester 2

Dyson's conjecture on asymptotics for partition cranks (28th April 2014)
Effective proof of the theorem of Andre on the complex multiplication points on curves (14th April 2014)
A characterization of almost universal inhomogeneous quadratic polynomials (07th April 2014)
Generic polynomials and generic extensions in positive characteristic (31st March 2014)
Congruences for the constant terms of powers of a Laurent polynomial (24th March 2014)
Decomposing Jacobians of Algebraic Curves (3rd March 2014)
Symplectic Groups, Quadratic Forms and Tensor Products of Quaternion Algebras (24th February 2014)
A partition identity and the universal mock theta function g_2 (17th February 2014)
2-dimensional subspaces of M_n(F) containing many elements of different ranks (10th February 2014)
Hodge-type degeneration via gauge symmetries (03rd February 2014)

Quantifying the computational security of multi-user systems (27th January 2014)


Semester 1

Milnor fibres and non-crossing partitions (25th November 2013)
On the ubiquity of modular forms and Apery-like numbers (18th November 2013)
Constrained systems for flash memories (11th November 2013)
Toric varieties and matroids (04th November 2013)
Vector bundles on smooth affine threefolds (21st October 2013)
Non-abelian zeta functions and stable pairs (14th October 2013)
Products of Pfister neighbours (07th October 2013)
A duality operation on subspaces of matrices (30th September 2013)
Signatures of hermitian forms and "prime ideals" of Witt groups (23rd September 2013)
Nonassociative division algebras used in fast-decodable space-time code constructions (27th August 2013)

Exponentials of Derivations, traditional and less (27th August 2013)