UCD Algebra and Number Theory Seminars 2014/2015

The trace bilinear form on matrix spaces (20th April 2015)
Arithmetic properties of Apéry-like numbers  (13th April 2015)
Heuristics for distributions of Arakelov class groups (30th March 2015)
P-adic uniformization of modular elliptic curves over number fields (23rd March 2015)
Recent applications of arithmetic Fuchsian groups to physical layer non-linear coding (2nd March 2015)
Some Results on Hyperelliptic Supersingular Curves (23rd February 2015)
Dimension bounds for constant rank subspaces of matrices and bilinear forms over finite fields (16th February 2015)
Euler class groups and the homology of elementary and special linear groups (2nd February 2015)
Modular forms, de Rham cohomology and congruences (24th Novemebr 2014)
Stabilization of quantum knot invariants (17th Novemebr 2014)
`Involutary G-algebras' (10th November 2014)
Description of matrix subalgebras with the given length (20th Ocotber 2014)
Comparing Permutation Codes (13th October 2014)
L-polynomials of Curves over Finite Fields (6th October 2014)
Rogers-Ramanujan type identities for alternating knots (29th September 2014)
Residual modular Galois representations: an algorithmic approach (22th Septmeber 2014)