Heuristics for distributions of Arakelov class groups

Speaker: Alex Bartel, University of Warwick

Date: Monday, March 30th

Time: 4:00pm

Location:  Seminar Room, Ag 1.01


The Cohen-Lenstra heuristics, postulated in the early 80s, conceptually explained numerous phenomena in the behaviour of ideal class groups of number fields that had puzzled mathematicians for decades, by proposing a probabilistic model: the probability that the class group of an imaginary quadratic field is isomorphic to a given group A is inverse proportional to #Aut(A). But the probability weights for more general number fields, while agreeing well with experiments, look rather mysterious. I will explain how to recover the original heuristic in a very conceptual way by phrasing it in terms of Arakelov class groups instead. The main difficulty that one needs to overcome is that those latter objects typically have infinitely many
automorphisms, and this is done using non-commutative ring theory.

SeriesAlgebra & Number Theory