Statistics Seminars Semester 1 2015 - 2016

Statistics Seminars will be in Room E0.01 Science East on Thursdays at 4.00pm.


Semester 1

Sept 17.  Dr. Rajen Shah, Statistical Laboratory, Cambridge.

              Title: Min-wise hashing for large-scale regression

Sept 24.  Dr. Paul Northrop. University College London.

              Title: Cross-validatory extreme value threshold selection and uncertainty with application to offshore engineering

Oct 2.     Professor Trevor Bailey. College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. University of Exeter

             Title: Spatio-temporal Modelling of Dengue Risk: Towards an Early Warning System for Brazil

Oct 8      Prof. Chris Jones, Open University.

              Title: Skew-T And All That: some of the main parametric families of distributions and how they compare.

Oct 9      Dr. Vivien Mallet. Paris - Rocquencourt research center, INRIA.

Oct 29    Prof. Pierre Alquier. ENSAE ParisTech.

             Title: On the properties of variational approximations in statistical learning

Nov 5.    Prof. Niall Adams. Imperial College.

             Title: Streaming Data Analysis with Forgetting Factors

Nov 19.  Professor Peter Atkinson.  Geography. Dean of Science and Technology at Lancaster.

             Title: Risk mapping for vector-borne disease systems in Africa


Semester 2


Jan 28.      Dr. Tapesh Santra, Systems Biology Ireland  (UCD)

                Title:  A Bayesian non-parametric method for clustering multivariate binary data

Feb 4th.     Dr. Eleni Ioanna Delatola Systems Biology Ireland, UCD.
                Title: Identifying Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Disease

Feb 11th.   Mr. Colm Fitzgerald, School of Mathematics and Statistics, UCD.

                Title: "The Economic and Environment Benefits to Individuals and to Society from Investing in Forestry"

Mar 3rd.    Dr. James Sweeney, Quinn School of Business, UCD.

                Title: Spatial Modelling of House Prices in the Dublin Area

Mar 10th    Dr. Belinda Hernandez, School of Mathematics and Statistics, UCD.

                 Title: Bayesian Additive Regression Trees using Bayesian Model Averaging

Mar 31st.   Dr. Thomas Grund. School of Sociology, UCD.

                Title: Denunciation Dynamics and the Limits of Scandal

Apr 7th.     Prof Stephen R Pennington, Professor of Proteomics, School of Medicine, Conway Institute, UCD.

                 Title: “Making Better Decisions: Challenges in the Discovery and Development of Multiplexed Protein Biomarkers”

Apr 14th.   Prof. Petros Dellaportas, Department of Statistical Science, UCL.

                 Title: Scalable inference for a full multivariate stochastic volatility model

Apr 28th.   Dr. Raquel Menezes , Department of Mathematics and Applications, Minho University – Azurém, Portugal.

                 Title: Modelling intra- and inter-day variability of NO2 concentrations in Portugal