Study Data Analytics Online at UCD

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The Professional Diploma in Data Analytics from the UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics will help you to analyse and understand the large data sets that are being created via the huge growth in online information. The value of these data sets is being increasingly recognised in business circles, with many companies seeking to recruit individuals with skills in data analytics to extract the valuable insights contained therein. Data Analytics is at the crossroads between statistics and computer science, and our courses contain elements of both. We will give you the tools to apply advanced skills from these fields to maximum effect in any work-related, “big data”, environment.

The Professional Diploma Data Analytics is taught through English. There are no lectures to attend as the courses are delivered completely online. Students will be given videos, demonstrations, and interactive games to enhance their learning, with regular feedback and interaction with lecturers. This provides flexibility to students who can learn wherever and whenever they like, as well as at a pace that suits them.

Students must take their end of semester exams in Beijing, at Beijing-Dublin International College or at our Dublin Campus.