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Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme
Scéim Ambasadóirí Fochéimí

Teacher Interviews

Cabinteely Community School and Caritas College, Ballyfermot were just two of the schools who hosted an undergraduate ambassador in Spring 2010. Here three teachers, Ms Alice McCarthy and Ms Caroline Nolan, both from Cabinteely Community School, and Mr Pat Moore from Caritas College, talk about their experiences of inviting an undergraduate mathematics ambassador into their schools.

Why did you and your school decide to host an undergraduate ambassador?

Describe the type of tasks the undergraduate ambassador was involved in while in your school.

Describe the Special Project that the undergraduate did.

In what ways do you think your students benefited from the presence of an undergraduate ambassador in the school?

In what ways do you think the undergraduate benefited from spending time in your school?

Would you recommend taking part in this module to another teacher/school? Why?

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Am Undergraduate Maths Ambassador at work.
Teacher Interviews
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