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Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme
Scéim Ambasadóirí Fochéimí

Testimonials from UCD Undergraduates

The following are testimonials from three of the UCD Undergraduate Ambassadors who participated in the UAS module in mathematics:

I am in the final year of a Mathematical Studies degree in UCD and have always wanted to be a teacher. This module has given me the opportunity to experience first hand, what teaching mathematics at a secondary level entails and has given me an accurate idea of how much work would be involved in this career choice. I am now more certain than ever that I want to pursue a career in teaching mathematics as I have had a chance to witness, first hand, the lack of teachers in this area and the lack of understanding of maths within the classroom.

Jennifer Keeler, UCD

As a final year student who was thinking about teaching as a career, this module has been invaluable to me. The amount of knowledge I have gained could never be equalled in a lecture situation. The hands-on aspect was so beneficial. The school and I both benefited immensely.

Annette Larkin, UCD

This module gave me a great opportunity to start making the transition into the professional working world. I would strongly recommend this module to anyone interested in teaching, as it helped me develop key skills needed in the classroom.

Rebekah Holmes, UCD

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