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New Irish Politics: Political Parties and Immigrants in 2009

This report follows two earlier assessments of responsiveness by Irish political parties to immigrant communities, Positive Politics published prior to the 2004 local government elections and Irish Political Parties: Immigration and Integration in 2007. This report aims to identify improvements in the responses of political parties to immigrants and ethnic minorities. It finds that commitments ‘in principle’ to integration are being translated into tangible political efforts to engage the diverse face of twenty-first century Irish society. The political integration of immigrants is described in this report as ‘change we must believe in’ and the focus is on ‘top-down’ and grassroots efforts to promote a New Irish Politics.

The research was carried out by Bryan Fanning and Neil O’Boyle of the School of Applied Social Science UCD and Jo Shaw of the School of Law, University of Edinburgh.

For further information please contact:
Bryan Fanning or Neil O’Boyle
Tel: 01 716 8578

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