Migration and Citizenship Research Initiative
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Launch of an Observatory on Citizenship in Europe


EUDO CITIZENSHIP provides comprehensive analyses and data on citizenship laws and policies in all EU member states and six neighbouring countries at http://eudo-citizenship.eu

In Europe, each country follows its own rules in determining who its citizens are. However, the nationals of member states of the European Union are also EU citizens who enjoy rights of free movement and political participation throughout the Union. The EUDO CITIZENSHIP observatory compares the ways in which citizenship can be acquired and lost and documents policy trends such as the growing toleration of dual citizenship, the introduction of naturalisation tests, or the number of countries in which citizenship can be acquired through birth in the territory.

The observatory features new expert reports on the history and current regulation of citizenship in each country, searchable databases on nationality laws and international legal norms, a comprehensive bibliography, a forum for debates, a selection of news from the media and other useful tools and information for policy makers, NGOs and academics with an interest in citizenship policies.

The project is directed by Rainer Bauböck (EUI) and Jo Shaw (Edinburgh); the other partners are Maastricht, and CEU Budapest,along with UCD, represented by Iseult Honohan of UCD’s School of Politics and International Relations and MCRI. UCD’s contribution includes creating a searchable database of organizations, national and international, governmental and NGO, and of academic centres, networks and journals that deal with citizenship. In the next phase of the project UCD will reproduce a comparative report on trends in ius soli citizenship and policy briefs based on this and other comparative reports produced by the project.

The project is funded by the European Commission’s European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals. We invite you to visit the new observatory: http://eudo-citizenship.eu/