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Paolo Fiorini B.E.

Name: Paolo Fiorini

Position:  Doctoral (PhD) Research

Room No.:  220

Tel: +353 1 716 1729 / 1881

Fax: + 353 1 283 0534


Qualifications: B.E. (Hons.)

Professional Affiliations: MIEI, AMIMechE


Short Biography:
Paolo Fiorini graduated from the UCD School of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering in June 2007 with a BE (hons.) degree in mechanical engineering. In the same month he joined the AMS Research Centre to commence a Masters research programme on the High Performance Cutting of Grey Cast Iron. The research programme is being conducted in collaboration with ABS Production Wexford Ltd., and is funded by both Enterprise Ireland and ABS Production.


Research Interests:

  • High Speed Machining.
  • Dry machining and minimal quantity lubrication strategies.
  • Cutting tools and tool coatings.


Research Flyer:

Research Project:

Energy Efficient High Performance Cutting of Grey Cast Iron



Dry Machining, High Speed Machining, Orthogonal Cutting



The aim of this project is to determine the optimum strategy for high performance cutting of grey cast iron. The project involves modelling of the machining process using special purpose finite element software and experimental validation of the model. The experiment trials consist of an orthogonal cutting setup whereby cutting temperatures and forces are recorded simultaneously using state-of-the-art dynamometry and infrared thermography.

An important objective of this project is to demonstrate and quantify the large potential for reducing manufacturing costs through the successful implementation of high performance cutting techniques. This is achieved through the adoption of the technology by the project collaborators, ABS Production Wexford Ltd.


Academic Supervisors:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerald Byrne,
Dr. Eamonn Ahearne,



ABS Production Wexford Ltd.
Enterprise Ireland


Research Images:


Thermograph of dry machining of grey cast iron



Research Poster: