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  • There are currently no vacancies however if you are interested in becoming involved with our research group please click here

Welcome by Professor Gerry Byrne

Prof. G. Byrne, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, UCD.


The Advanced Manufacturing Science (AMS) Research Group is part of the UCD Centre for Manufacturing Engineering (CME). The research mission of the Group is:


"to improve knowledge and understanding of the fundamental mechanisms in the production of functional surfaces by subtractive manufacturing processes"


A basic premise in our research is the need to understand in order to develop and optimise manufacturing processes.  For more detail on our research click here and click here to view some of our projects . The potential for commercial exploitation of excellent high value added research is a also key criterion in selection of our projects. For more information on our research network click here


Prof. Byrne, Curriculum Vitae

CIRP: International Institution for Production Engineering Research MTTRF:Machine Tool Technologies Research Foundation
EUSPEN: European Society for the Precision Engineering and Nanotechnologies ICGEE:International Centre for Graduate Education in Micro-amp Nano- Engineering