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CNC Turning Centre with integrated High Power Diode Laser

CNC Turning Centre with integrated High Power Diode Laser

Silicon Wafer Polisher

Silicon Wafer Polisher

High Power Diode Laser

High Power Diode Laser

Nd:YAG Drilling Laser

Nd:YAG Drilling Laser



1. Mission and Scope

Our mission is:


"to improve knowledge and understanding of the fundamental mechanisms in the production of functional surfaces by subtractive manufacturing processes"


The scope of our research encompasses manufacturing processes based fundamentally on controlled removal of material (subtractive processes). Such processes include cutting, grinding, polishing and a range of other conventional and non-conventional machining processes. The scope also includes non-additive surface treatment processes such as laser hardening, preening and burnishing. A total systems approach is also adopted to the machine-process with research projects on process sensing, monitoring and control, intelligent tooling, machine tool precision design and production system design. A progressive scientific methodology is applied so that precision components of defined surface integrity can be produced to meet critical design requirements economically


2. Research Networks

The Centre is involved in national, European and global projects with companies from the automobile, aerospace, semiconductor and precision engineering industries. Our primary international networks are: CIRP, the MTTRF, Euspen, ICGEE and IMC.




Dr. Eamonn Ahearne,

Centre Manager,

Tel : +353 (0)1 7161996

Fax : +353 (0)1 269035