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AMS Research Group Hosts CIRP Manufacturing Technology Day


In May 2013, the AMS research group played host to the CIRP UK Manufacturing technology day. CIRP is the international academy for production engineering and recognised across the world as being at the forefront of manufacturing technology. The AMS research group has strong connections to the group, with strong involvement and activity within the group. Prof. Byrne was the president of the group from 2009-2010.

The CIRP manufacturing day was held as part of the 2 day meeting of the CIRP UK and featured many exciting talks from both industrial and academic research. The manufacturing day feature guests such as Prof. Marco Santochi and Prof. Rajkumar Roy with Gavin Campbell of Bomdardier Belfast reporting on some of the their research activities. The event was also an excellent opportunity for academia and industry to come together and discuss the future of manufacturing. This was denoted through the excellent chaired debate.

Please feel free to view some of the presentations listed below from the event:

Welcome Address - Prof Gerald Byrne

The International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP) - Prof Marco Santochi

CIRP UK - Prof Rajkumar Roy

Manufacturing Engineering Research in Bombardier and the Aerospace Industry - Mr Gavin Campbell

Research and Development for Core Competitive Advantage - Dr Ed Harty

Manufacturing Research for Innovation and Growth - Dr. Mark Claydon-Smith

Enterprise Ireland - Ms Deirdre Glenn

Energy efficiency in compressed air systems - Dr Garret O'Donnell

The Metrology Challenges for 3D Micro Components - Dr Peter Kinnell

Material Testing and Development for Polymer Sintering - Dr Candice Majewski

Surface Finishing Processes - Dr Brigid Mullany

Multiscale modelling of multiphase particle systems for innovative manufacturing - Mr Jin Sun

Grind-Hardening Process Modelling - Dr Konstantinos Salonitis