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UCD's Participation in MTTRF Project


On July 6th 2011, UCD Engineering was awarded a state-of-the-art computer integrated prototyping facility with advanced computer aided design and manufacturing [CAD-CAM] software (Esprit) and a 5-axis, high precision, computer controlled [CNC] machining centre. It enables integrated design and prototyping of complex components in advanced materials with features such as free-form, three dimensional surfaces. The machining centre is the world’s fastest in its class with a spindle speed of 60,000 RPM and extreme stiffness levels for high precision control. It is driven at the centre of gravity [DCG] with a direct drive motor [DDM] system.

The system has been specifically designed for applications in the medical devices industry operating with a diverse range of materials including polymers, titanium and cobalt-chrome alloys. The CNC machining centre can be used for micro-milling processes as well as for fine grinding and polishing processes. It is intended that productivity levels through integrated process chains can be significantly enhanced with this facility. Modelling and simulation in a computer aided design [CAD] and computer aided manufacturing [CAM] environment can be undertaken with the most advanced software available now networked by cloud computing.

The facility is located in the UCD Manufacturing Engineering Research laboratory for fundamental and applied research projects as well as for high end advanced manufacturing developments in the Irish medical device industries.  Students will be introduced to this high technology facility its potential applications in the structured engineering laboratory programme. The facility will also be used for undergraduate and postgraduate projects as well as for research Masters and PhD work.

The award is from the international Machine Tool Technology Research Foundation [MTTRF], California, USA. The Foundation provides on-going support with technical upgrades as the technology develops. It selects leading global researchers for the awards and this year nominated Professor Gerry Byrne and his Advanced Manufacturing Science [AMS] Research Group led by Dr. Eamonn Ahearne.  It is the only facility of its type in Ireland or the UK.



Mori Seiki NMV1500 with Automatic Work Changer