UCD Centre for the History of the Media



Director, Dr Alexander S Wilkinson (History)

Director of MA in the History of the Media, Dr Paul Rouse (History)


Advisory Board

Dr Judith Devlin, History

Dr Marnie Hay, TCD School of History

Dr Wolfgang Marx, Head of the School of Music



Dr Maurice Bric, History

Dr Derval Conroy, French

Dr Catherine Cox, History

Dr Declan Downey, History

Dr Andreas Hess, Sociology

Dr Elva Johnston, History

Dr David Kerr, History

Mr James McGuire, History

Dr Liz Mullins, Archives

Dr Tadhg O hAnnrach√°in, History

Dr Michael Staunton, History

Dr Regina Ui Chollatain, Irish and Celtic Studies

Mark Wehrly, History, NUI Maynooth