Anatomy Education Research

UCD School of Medicine Anatomy is committed to innovation in education. As innovation without impact is limited, the subject has a rigorous approach to the research and validation of novel teaching approaches.

Research Projects

Our current interests can be described according to 2 broad themes:

Technological support of anatomy teaching both within the dissection room and without:
A range of resources have been developed to support learning in anatomy from APEX (an interactive anatomy picture explorer developed by Dr Shay Giles in conjunction with our students), Axon (an interactive exploration of sensory pathways developed by Dr Tom Flanagan in conjunction with our students) to X-perience (an interactive resource linking radiological profiling of our donor to dissection room activities developed by Prof James Jones in conjunction with our students and colleagues in radiography).

Using technology to bring anatomical insights to clinical practice and training:
A variety of projects involving photogrammetry, 3D modelling and 3D printing have allowed cardiothoracic surgeons to plan procedures biased on first hand tactile experience of their specific patient’s aberrant anatomy that they are likely to encounter. 3D printing has also been used to develop more faithful simulations of difficult airway anatomy to aid training of emergency airway management. These latter projects (developed by Prof James Jones and Dr Michelle Smith) went on to win the Gold Medal Summer Student Research Awards 2015.