Anatomy News

Ambrose Bermingham Medal in Anatomy

Mon, 16 May 16 19:07

Applications are invited for the Ambrose Bermingham Medal in Anatomy. Closing date for applications is Fri, 10 Jun 16 with the examination taking place on Thurs, 16 Jun 16.

Impact of Pathogens on Oviduct-Sperm Interactions

Sun, 17 April 16 13:56

Prof Sabine Koelle's research group describe ex vivo model to investigate the impact of sexually transmitted pathogens on oviduct-sperm interaction. The UCD Anatomy group study factors impacting upon animal and human fertility.

Coakley Medal for Dissection 2016

Thu, 10 March 16 20:05

Applications are now invited for the James B. Coakley Medal for Dissection 2016.