Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital

About Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital

Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital was established in 1897 through the amalgamation of the National Eye hospital (founded by Isaac Ryall in 1814) and St Mark’s Ophthalmic Hospital for diseases of the Eye and Ear (founded by Sir William Wilde in 1844). Both hospitals were moved to a newly built Victorian building in its present site in Adelaide Road in 1904.

The hospital is primarily an ambulatory and elective surgery centre and the only stand-alone two specialty hospital in Ireland. It is the largest centre for retinal and strabismus cases and the only centre for ocular oncology cases in the country.

In addition to patient care, education and research are the major functions in the hospital. Academic and clinical training are provided to undergraduate and postgraduate medical students from RCSI, UCD and TCD. Nurses from other hospitals also avail of the post-graduate diploma in ophthalmic and Otolaryngology nursing. Research in both Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology is undertaken in partnership with the academic institutions.

Clinical Services

The RVEEH provides local, regional and national clinical services on an emergency and elective basis. Primary care services are provided to a local catchment area of approximately 800,000 across South Dublin and secondary (medical/surgical - cataracts and basic lid procedures) referral services for SVUH, SJH, Tallaght & Loughlinstown hospitals. Tertiarty referral services include care for all complex diseases of the eye requiring medical and/or surgical care including emergency service for acute retinal detachment.

The hospital also provides these services on a secondary and tertiary referral basis for the Midland Regional (Tullamore, Portlaoise and Mullingar) Hospitals and provides 24/7 dedicated Ophthalmology A&E Service (including acute retinal detachment service – also at MMH) for the Greater Dublin area.

RVEEH is a national tertiary referral centre for services such as Uveitis, Ocular Oncology, Cornea & Strabismus as well as specialties of glaucoma, plastics and Neuro-ophthalmology.

Student Experience

Our students may rotate through the Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital for ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology teaching as part of our Medicine and Surgery attachments.