Clinical Commencement Ceremony 2017

The 2017 Clinical Commencement 'White Coat' Ceremony took place on Friday 17th February 2017 from 6pm at UCD O'Reilly Hall.

Although our students experience early patient contact in our programmes, the Clinical Commencement 'White Coat' Ceremony marks the formal transition from classroom education to full-time clinical training and is an important milestone in the creation of the  medical professional.

The White Coat symbolises the professional responsibilities that students will assume throughout their clinical life.  During the ceremony, the students are reminded of the patient's perspective of them as doctors in training, the need to maintain professional, empathetic behaviours at all times, the importance of mutually supportive relationships with colleagues and society's expectations for the profession.

A report on the event can be found here.  We are pleased to present a high definition video recording of the event (below) and a selection of photographs are available on our Flickr site.

Guidance for Clinical Students

Please click HERE for guidance for clinical students.